Frequently Asked Questions

How are you handling social distance guidelines & keeping customers safe?

We are operating at full capacity while maintaining all social distance guidelines and recommendations including providing hand sanitizer for your safety.

All employees will be wearing masks & gloves at all times.

We’ve missed the hell out of everyone, please come support your neighborhood Irish restaurant.

Can I order Blackfriar Pub food for delivery?

Yep! Order Blackfriar Pub right to your door with Grubhub, click here!

Do you have parking?

Sure do. We have a dedicated parking lot right next to us. Hurry though, spots fill up quick!

How often do you have events?

All week! Check out our calendar here to see what’s coming up.

Is your patio dog-friendly?

You know it, but make sure your dog is on a leash! We love pooches on the patio, bring em! 🐶❤️

Are you child-friendly?

Yes we are until 8pm

Do you have games to play at the Pub?

Sure do, we’ve got all the classics.

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    For what location?

    Blackfriar Pub History

    Blackfriar Pub is an Irish pub located in an old frame house on historic McKinney Avenue. What was once the front yard is now a lively beer garden overlooking this bustling cobblestone avenue.

    The interior is decorated with ornate antique woodwork that comes most recently from the VIP room of the former Hard Rock Cafe which stood next door until 2008. The room was called the Cheeseclub and was, by all accounts, the centre of Dallas 1980s celebrity debauchery. The woodwork came originally from a castle in England owned by Peter Townshend of The Who, the entire room being shipped to Dallas in 1982. Look for heavily carved prayer panels and ceiling plus the gothic back bar.